Volcano Bay 2 The Process of Painting

Some years ago I painted a scene with a volcano erupting on a moonlight night with crashing waves on a wet sandy beach. Many years later I wanted to give it another try and here’s what I came up with and the process in which I painted it. I hope you enjoy.

In this painting I believe (it was done last year) I used cadmium yellow, cadmium yellow light, phthalo blue, permanent rose, and white. You can use other versions of these colors, but permanent rose with cadmium yellow creates very rich oranges.

First let’s look at the basic sketch I started with.volcano sketch

I started blocking in the moon sky and blues and teals of the water.

Filling in more of the same and starting with the lay of the mountain

Here you can see I’m still working with the same basic colors of the sky and the water and can see the shape of the waves and foreground water

Here we can see that everything is starting to blend in and the actual shape of the scene is starting to come into focus. Theses blues by the way are created with phthalo blue, small amounts of cadmium yellow and white. in varying amounts from the moon out ward. and the same in the wave.

Here the lay of the land is painted along with the lava smoke and the lighting that emits from the top of the volcano.

Here more work with the water and the greens of the backs of the waves.

Here more texture of the water, rocks on the beach and foreground tree trunks come into play

Here’s the final piece with all the foam of the crashing waves, steam from the lava hitting the water and trees and stones completed.

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